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Jones o Gymru yn cymryd "detour"!

Here we go again, there’s just no stopping Jones on Tour as we continue on its travels around Wales, highlighting  some locations, activities and attractions we love and believe you will enjoy. We add a little twist this time though, as we head over to London and dwell on some Welsh links within one of the world’s great cities.. 

Of course, it won’t be a comprehensive selection, just another random sample, a little snack if you will, of what we like and makes us proud to be ‘o Gymru’. And as you’d expect, we’ll give you a heads up on where to find our Jones o Gymru products, to bring you a taste of Wales right in the heart of London!!

In London, there are several areas of interest that have connections to Wales or Welsh people. Here are a few notable ones:

The London Welsh Centre situated in Grays Inn Road in the heart of London since 1937, promotes Welsh culture and our wonderful language.It provides a hub for the London based Welsh community, hosting various events, including concerts, workshops, and social gatherings to champion Welsh talent and to celebrate our heritage.

When one thinks of Wales, one naturally thinks of singing and London is no exception, with several choral societies thriving within the city, such as the London Welsh Male Voice Choir 

Likewise, rugby immediately springs to mind and the famous London Welsh Rugby Club , where many Welsh Internationals (and British Lions) have played at Old Deer Park 

It should, perhaps, come as no surprise that London is home to several Welsh chapels, which have historically served as important community and cultural centers for Welsh people. These chapels often hold religious services, events, and social activities that connect the Welsh community in London, such as 

Capel Jewin, Eglwys Gymraeg Llundain and Borough Welsh Chapel . For more information on other centres, then Capeli Llundain will help.

Naturally, we at Jones are food focused and are proud to see Wales represented by Denbigh’s Bryn Williams, the Chef Patron at Odettes in Primrose Hill, who is also of course at the beachfront restaurant Porth Eirias in Colwyn Bay.

Since 2017, Wales Week London has been the annual showcase of activities and events that celebrate and promote everything that is great about Wales, providing an opportunity for Welsh organisations to promote their products and services, and develop new London-based audiences, partnerships and connections.

Now then, where…. we hear you ask, across London’s 607 square miles, can we find some Jones o Gymru products. Well, head over to  The Leather Exchange on Leathermarket Street, near London Bridge and Tower Bridge, an historic building which used to be London’s leather market. The pub’s Welsh landlord often reflects the pub’s Welsh heritage with occasional dragon or sheep decorations and now, of course, some Jones o Gymru produce!

These are just a few examples of areas of interest in London related to Wales or Welsh people. London's diverse and vibrant cultural scene offers many opportunities to explore and engage with Welsh culture and the Welsh community.