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Blodyn Aur Mayonnaise 300ml

Blodyn Aur Mayonnaise 300ml

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Blodyn Aur "mae o'n neis" Mayonnaise made with Welsh cold-pressed rapeseed oil. 

Blodyn Aur Mayonnaise adds wonderful flavour and depth to your food. A touch of gold... in your mayonnaise!

Mayonnaise Ingredients

Welsh cold-pressed rapeseed oil (66.9%), water, white wine vinegar, free range pasteurised egg, sugar, salt, mustard powder, xanthan gum.

Allergens: Contains Free range pasteurised egg and Mustard

FREE FROM: Gluten and genetically modified ingredients.

Minimum 3 months shelf life

Suitable for vegetarians.

"Blodyn Aur is a bee friendly oil - we don't spray any neonicotinoid chemicals on our crops and we have beehives dotted around our fields to encourage bee populations."