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Box of Jones Crisps 24x40g

Box of Jones Crisps 24x40g

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This 24-pack of Jones Crisps (40g) is made for those who want a treat little, but often. Made with 100% Welsh grown potatoes and hand cooked in high oleic sunflower oil these crisps provide an excellent old fashioned thick crunch.

The mixed box includes four punchy flavours featuring the famous Halen Môn PDO Anglesey Sea Salt, rich mature Welsh cheddar and fiery sweet chili.

Each pack of Jones Welsh Crisps is locally produced using Welsh grown and sourced ingredients for that traditional, authentic experience. Grab them all together in this wholesale box of crisps for an all-in-one taste experience.

Mixed box includes:

Halen Môn Sea Salt  40g
Halen Môn Salt & Vinegar 40g

Cheese & Onion 40g
Ddraig Goch Sweet Chili 40g